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Online Browser Checkup

An up-to-date operating system and Internet browser are very important when taking distance education courses. The Checkup will determine whether or not your computer meets minimum requirements. Check the table below to see if your computer passed the checkup.

The "Pass/Fail" column will show you if you meet the technical requirements to connect to distance education courses. If you don't meet the requirements, a "Fail" message will appear. Click on the "Help" link to learn how to get your computer ready to access course materials. Repeat this Online Browser Test after implementing a fix to see if it passes.

Minimum requirements:

Win help

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You Have



Fail a Test?


Microsoft Internet Explorer,
Firefox, or Safari.
(Google Chrome works but is unsupported by SunGard)






Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher or
Firefox 2.0 or higher or
Safai 2.0 or higher





Operating System

Macintosh OS 10.3 or newer or
Windows XP or newer





Java Enabled





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Popup Blocker Popup Windows Can Open



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There are different multimedia players and plugins that may be needed for your distance education course. To find out if you have Flash, QuickTime, Acrobat Reader and PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer installed on your computer, click on the links for each item in the table below. If you do not see a success message upon opening each media test link, then please click on the "Help" link to learn how to download what you need. All downloads are free if you select the appropriate links as directed.


Media Test Links


Macromedia Flash

Flash Player Test


QuickTime Player

QuickTime Test


Adobe Acrobat Reader


Microsoft PowerPoint PowerPoint Test Help 

Special Recognition and Thanks to:
Harper College for allowing us to adapt their Online Browser Test to work with the BHC tools.
BHC Instructor Debbie Collins for adapting Harper's test to fit BHC.
Update: September 2, 2011