BHC Library Tutorial

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Browser Pop-Up Window Test

Please click on the button below to see if pop-up windows are enabled on this computer.

If the Success pop-up window appeared, you are all set. Click on the Continue arrow.


If nothing happened, however, you may have a popup ad blocker installed. It should be disabled before viewing this tutorial.

Some websites have mis-used web browser technology to bombard users with "pop-up" advertisements, and as a consequence many computers now have "pop-up ad blockers" installed. These blockers are generally beneficial, but some have the unfortunate consequence of disabling these same technologies used for legitimate purposes, such as displaying helpful messages at various points in this tutorial.

You will have to figure out how to enable pop-ups for whatever pop-up ad blocker you have on this computer. If your pop-up blocker allows it, the best option is to enable pop-ups only for this website (no, will not start bombarding you with pop-up ads for used textbooks!). If this option is not available, then you should enable all pop-ups and then disable them again when you are done with the tutorial.

If you cannot figure out how to disable the pop-up blocker, then you can continue anyway, but be warned that several things in this tutorial may not work properly.